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Grow Your Vision

Our mission is to provide all of the essentials to elegance in a one-stop shop. The goal is to eliminate all the stresses that come with planning and hosting a formal event. Instead of buying expensive décor to be used once and then stored or sold at fraction of the cost, we make these things available to you simply and affordably. So let go, and let Black Tie supply your next soirée.

Increased Availability

Supplies are limited and reasons to celebrate are many. The earlier you place your order, the more likely your next get together will be a hit.  Don't wait and miss your chance to save. Contact us now!

Cheering the Bride

You are Worth Celebrating

A celebration is a way to hit the "pause" button on life and appreciate what's been accomplished and how far we've come.​It's easy to lose yourself in day to day that life throws at you.  Don't forget to take the time to look around and show appreciation for who and what's around.  See if we're a good fit for you!

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